Learn why our clients choose Century Pool Corporation


Chiara L.

”We are so relieved… our 40 year old Gunite pool looks brand new! JR and his staff have been kind, informative and responsive to all of our questions. We are impressed with the professional abilities of both the tile and plaster crews. Their work in the pool and on property clean-up was so timely and professional. The members of both crews took pride in their work and behaved with unquestionable respect for us and our property. Also, JR had been on the job several times during the process to make sure everything was running smoothly. Thank you, JR and staff for guiding us through this (for us) huge project! You are outstanding and stuck to our contract, as well. Above and beyond! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Danna B.

”I would recommend them. Had a pool emergency and they responded quickly. Nice and friendly staff and they explained the problem and told me the steps required to get it done. Also provided information that my other pool company did not even though we used them for years. Century is now or go to pool company.”

Bob S.

”For 25 years we have happily dealt with Century Pools. They are an hour away from us, but we value their work and their people so much that we are willing to pay for their travel time. Incredibly reliable, more than adept at what they do, very knowledgeable. Nobody better.”

Geoffrey F.

”This review should have been published in 2016 when Century Pools rebuilt our 30-year-old pool that was showing its age. The entire experience from setting an appointment to look at the pool, through each step of the way was totally un-contractor-like. At each step, CP was on time, did exactly what they said they were going to do, cleaned up the site before leaving, and did top-notch work, making our pool look even better than it ever did. Thank-you CP! We highly recommend this contractor.”