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Discover Excellence in Inground Pool Repair and Beyond

Welcome to Century Pools Corporation’s Services Page, where we specialize in comprehensive inground pool maintenance, repair, and restoration. With a legacy spanning 62 years, we take immense pride in being your trusted partner for all your pool needs. Our commitment to excellence drives us to provide a wide array of services designed to ensure the optimal functioning and beauty of your pool.

Our Array of Expert Services

Pool Maintenance


Swimming Pool/Spa Openings

Get ready for the pool season with our meticulous opening services that ensure your pool is operational, safe, and ready to be enjoyed.


Swimming Pool/Spa Closings

Safeguard your pool during the off-season with our meticulous closing services, preventing damage and ensuring a smooth reopening.


Weekly Cleaning Services

Enjoy a hassle-free pool experience with our reliable weekly cleaning services, maintaining water balance and clarity.


Winter Watches

Let us keep an eye on your pool during the colder months, ensuring it weathers winter conditions flawlessly.


Chemicals Sales & Testing

Access top-quality pool chemicals and accurate water testing for a perfectly balanced swimming experience.

Pool Repair


Crack/Expansion Joint Repairs

Our skilled technicians address cracks and expansion joint issues, safeguarding your pool’s structure and longevity.


Heater Repair/Installation

We offer skilled heater repair and installation services to keep your pool at the perfect temperature year-round.


Pump Repairs

Ensure your pool’s circulation with our pump repair services, maintaining optimal water flow for water clarity.


Plumbing Repairs

Our plumbing experts address issues promptly, preventing water wastage and maintaining optimal circulation.


Deck Repair/Replacement

Enhance your poolside space with our deck repair and replacement services.


Leak Detection

Our advanced techniques identify and address leaks promptly, preserving your pool’s water and structure.


Underwater Repairs

Our diver tackles underwater repairs, ensuring your pool continues to run efficiently without putting undo stress on your filtration equipment.


Skimmer Replacements

Ensure effective surface cleaning with our skimmer replacement services.

Pool Restoration


Acid Washing

Restore your pool’s vibrancy with our acid washing services, removing stains and rejuvenating its appearance.



Prepare your pool’s surfaces for refinishing or repairs with our precise sandblasting service.


Filtration System Retrofits

Upgrade your filtration system for enhanced efficiency and water quality, guided by our expertise.


Vinyl Liner Replacement

Enhance your pool’s aesthetics and functionality with our expert liner replacement solutions.


Interior Re-Plastering

Give your pool’s interior a fresh start with our professional re-plastering services.


Interior Painting

Transform your pool’s interior with our precise and vibrant interior painting solutions.


Coping & Tile Restoration

Revitalize your pool’s edges with our expert coping and tile restoration services.


Deck Coating

Transform your deck’s appearance and durability with our professional coating solutions.


Safety Covers

Ensure the safety of your loved ones with our durable and reliable safety cover installations.


Pool Accessories

Discover a range of pool accessories to enhance your poolside experience, all curated to meet your needs.

At Century Pools Corporation, we are dedicated to delivering superior inground pool repair, maintenance, and enhancement services. Our team’s expertise and passion ensure that your pool remains a source of enjoyment and relaxation year after year.

For inquiries, appointments, or to learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today on our contact form, at our office number (860) 827-1112, or email us at [email protected]. Your pool’s perfection starts here.