Filtration System Retrofits

Elevate Pool Efficiency with Advanced Filtration System Retrofits

Welcome to Century Pools Corporation’s Filtration System Retrofits Page, where we empower your pool with energy-saving equipment that transforms performance. With over six decades of expertise, we’re dedicated to guiding you through the process of upgrading your filtration system, ensuring your pool operates at peak efficiency.


Our Filtration System Retrofit Options:

Our experienced staff is ready to assist you in choosing the ideal filter, pump, heater, or chemical treatment system tailored to your pool’s unique needs. Explore our range of advanced options:




Sand Filter

A tried-and-true option for efficient particle removal and low-maintenance operation.


Diatomaceous Earth Filter

Elevate filtration precision with this high-performance option that captures even the smallest particles.


Cartridge Filter

Experience convenience and superior filtration as cartridge filters efficiently trap impurities.



Energy-Efficient Variable Speed Pump

Reduce energy consumption and costs by upgrading to a modern, eco-friendly pump. Achieve optimal circulation and energy savings by adjusting pump speed as needed.

Booster Pump

Enhance pressure and efficiency for pool features like waterfalls and cleaning systems.



Automatic Control Systems

Gain effortless control over various pool functions, optimizing efficiency.


Inline/Offline Chlorinator

Simplify chlorine distribution with inline chlorinators or choose offline options for versatility.

Liquid Metering Pumps

Precisely manage chemical dosing for consistent water quality.



Propane or Natural Gas Heaters

Choose from energy-efficient gas heating solutions for rapid pool warming.


Heat Pumps

Harness environmental warmth to efficiently heat your pool and extend the swimming season.


Electric Heaters

Enjoy rapid heating with electric heaters, perfect for smaller pools and spas.

Why Opt for Filtration System Retrofits?


Energy Savings

Our retrofit solutions are designed to lower energy consumption, reducing operational costs.


Enhanced Performance

Modern equipment optimizes water circulation, filtration, and heating for an improved swimming experience.


Environmental Responsibility

Eco-friendly options contribute to reduced carbon footprints and sustainable pool operation.

At Century Pools Corporation, we recognize the significance of efficient filtration in pool operation. Our retrofit options cater to your pool’s unique needs and your desire for improved performance and sustainability.

For personalized advice, consultations, or to explore how our filtration system retrofits can elevate your pool experience, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts is here to guide you toward efficient and cost-effective pool operation.