Leak Detection

Expert Leak Detection: Preserve Your Pool’s Integrity

Welcome to Century Pools Corporation’s Leak Detection Page, your solution to safeguarding your pool against potentially damaging leaks. Our trained staff possesses the expertise and cutting-edge equipment needed to efficiently locate and repair any leaks in your pool plumbing. We combine the power of water, nitrogen, and specialty sound equipment to pinpoint the exact location of underground plumbing leaks.

Why Invest in Professional Leak Detection?

A leaking pool can lead to significant water loss, increased maintenance costs, and potential structural damage if left unaddressed. Our leak detection services offer several key advantages:


Precision Detection

Our advanced techniques and equipment allow us to precisely locate leaks, minimizing the need for invasive and costly exploratory work.


Minimized Disruption

We can detect and repair leaks without the need to drain and refill your pool, saving you time, water, and resources.



Early detection and repair of leaks can prevent more extensive damage, ultimately saving you money on repairs and water bills.

Our team is equipped to dive for location and repair of both liner and structural leaks within your pool. Rest assured that when you choose Century Pools Corporation for leak detection, you’re opting for a cost-effective and efficient solution to protect your pool’s integrity.

Preserve Your Pool: Act Now

Don’t let leaks compromise your pool’s functionality and aesthetics. Act swiftly to preserve your pool’s integrity by enlisting the expertise of Century Pools Corporation. We’re here to ensure your pool remains a source of joy, not frustration.

To schedule a leak detection service, discuss your specific concerns, or inquire about any other pool-related needs you may have, please reach out to us. We’re your trusted partner in maintaining a leak-free, pristine pool environment.