Swimming Pool & Spa Closings

Preserve Your Pool for the Winter Season

Swimming Pool/Spa Closings – Prepare your pool and spa for the winter months with Century Pools Corporation’s meticulous closing services. As part of this comprehensive service, we perform the following steps to safeguard your investment:


Deck Equipment Storage

Carefully remove all deck equipment and store it in a designated location, ensuring its safekeeping.


Water Level Adjustment

Lower the water level to the appropriate level for optimal winterization.


Equipment Winterization

Thoroughly winterize all pool equipment to protect against cold weather damage.


Filter Maintenance

Remove filter elements or cartridges for cleaning, ensuring efficient operation upon reopening.


Plumbing Line Protection

Safeguard your plumbing lines by blowing non-toxic antifreeze into them, preventing freezing damage.

Water Vacuuming

Conduct a 15-minute water vacuum to remove debris and maintain pool cleanliness.


Winter Chemical Treatment

Treat the pool water with winter chemicals to preserve water quality throughout the dormant season.


Cover Application

Expertly cover the pool using the winter cover provided by you, ensuring protection from the elements.

Century Pools Corporation’s Swimming Pool/Spa Closing services ensure your pool and spa remain in prime condition throughout the winter, ready for your enjoyment when warmer days return.

To inquire about our closing services, schedule your pool/spa closing, or discuss any specific requirements, please reach out to us. We’re committed to safeguarding your pool investment during the off-season.