Coping/Tile Restoration

Elevate Your Pool’s Aesthetics with Expert Coping and Tile Restoration

Welcome to Century Pools Corporation’s Coping and Tile Restoration Page, where your pool’s visual allure meets our exceptional craftsmanship. With over six decades of experience, we’re proud to be your dedicated partner in creating and maintaining the perfect aesthetic for your pool.

Explore the diverse array of coping and tile options we offer, each carefully selected to bring your vision to life:


Our Range of Coping and Tile Options

Coping Options


Blue Stone

Elevate your pool’s elegance with the timeless charm of blue stone coping.



Add a touch of warmth and texture with our versatile brick coping options.



Achieve a modern and seamless look with our sleek cantilever coping solutions.


Embrace the sophistication of granite coping for a luxurious poolside ambiance.


Natural Stone

Infuse the beauty of nature with our natural stone coping selections, bringing a touch of the outdoors to your pool.


Precast Concrete

Experience the versatility and durability of precast concrete coping, offering a range of design possibilities.

In the face of New England’s tough and harsh winters, we offer a selection of tile options engineered to withstand the elements:


Tile Options



Embrace the versatility and durability of ceramic tile, known for its resilience and aesthetic potential.



Infuse your pool with the timeless elegance of stone tile, combining natural beauty with exceptional durability.

We recognize the unique demands of New England’s climate and are committed to providing tile solutions that not only enhance your pool’s appearance but also withstand the rigors of winter. Our expert team is here to guide you in selecting the perfect tile and coping option that aligns with your vision and the challenges of the region. Whether you’re considering a repair or a complete replacement, our expert team is dedicated to delivering flawless results that exceed your expectations.

To discuss your preferences, receive personalized recommendations, or embark on a journey to transform your pool’s appearance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re eager to collaborate with you and ensure your pool remains a captivating centerpiece, season after season.

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